Royalty for the Day: A Visit With the King!

October 14, 2016 Blog, Discounted Tickets, Fun

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Huzzah! We are back from another fun family day in Carvershire at King Richard’s Faire! (To see our visit last year and tips to Save $$, click here!) Use this code KRF16-BLOG and save $4 off adult tickets when you purchase online!

This year my son was ready and dressed for the part (in an old Halloween costume)! Sir J was ready for the day’s adventures – and this year he was joined by his little sister, Princess L! Upon entering the forest, we were greeted right away by a woodland character – that Princess L was not too sure about ;-)

Since we visited last year, we were armed and ready with the schedule of the day’s events – all FREE with your admission. There are so many sights and shows to take in! We tried to see what we couldn’t fit in last year. We spent the day laughing (and eating!). It is such a fun escape from the ordinary outing. We love that the entertainers can keep our 7.5 year old son engaged, while also throwing out a couple zingers for the adult’s sense or humor.

As we walked in, the King’s Court was in session, so we got to see the Big Man himself right up close!

On our way to the Tournament Field to see “The Challenge of Champions”, we took an annual pictures of Sir J in the stockades. The question every year is whether to let him out after the picture or not – hahaha :-)

We shouted and cheered this year for Sir Joseph! Who, unfortunately, was not today’s victor. Each knight has their own supporters and they like to get their crowd riled up to root them on! It is fun and exciting to watch the knights on horseback duel and compete in various obstacles and tests of skill.

Our day was spent going from stage to stage – with lots of snacking in between :-) Sir J enjoyed his enormous turkey leg ($12 this year) and lots of other goodies. Don’t forget the food/drinks are purchased with tickets sold in $5 increments and are non-refundable (CASH only!). Try to buy items with rounded numbers so you are not left with an odd number of tickets! A reminder too that you are not allowed to bring in your own food or return to your car during the day.

Princess L’s favorite show was “Fire & Flow” on the Dance Stage. She was completely enchanted! We enjoyed the theatrics while we ate our lunch. Picnic table seating is limited, so we grabbed one of the benches and enjoyed lunch with a show!

The acrobatics, skill, and humor of the entertainers is what makes King Richard’s Faire really unique.

Princess L was exhausted after a full day! We all really enjoyed ourselves and look forward to another visit next year!

Want to Visit?
Visit King Richard’s Faire on Facebook ( and on Twitter and Instagram @KRFaire.

The Faire runs weekends from 9/3 to 10/23 including Monday holidays and is open 10:30AM to 6PM. Children under 4 are free. Discounts are given to groups of 25 adults or more.

If you are interested in attending this year with your family, don’t forget to use this code KRF16-BLOG and save $4 off adult tickets when you purchase online!

Disclosure: I received free tickets for the purpose of attending the Faire and sharing my thoughts.

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