Huzzah! Discount Tickets to King Richard’s Faire + Tips to Save Your Shillings!

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Originally published 9/22/2015
Dust off your armor. It’s time to visit King Richard’s Faire! Use this code KRF16-BLOG and save $4 off adult tickets when you purchase online!

Imagine yourself in the 16th century visiting “Carvershire”; a quaint Renaissance village, shaded by soaring pine trees, busy with shimmering knights, glamorous royalty, and all manner of amusing characters.

My family and I embarked on our journey from Boston in our 265 horsepower coach and arrived a short hour later. We were greeted by fair maidens as we were whisked past the village gates. We stood amazed at the scene before us – the charming store fronts and the bustling crowd. What to do first?

While there are many tempting ways to part with your pence, you can have a fun, full day enjoying NINE stages of continuous entertainment. Click here for a full schedule of daily events.

Throughout the day we enjoyed a magic show, Cirque du Soleil-esque acrobats, comedians, tight-rope walkers, musicians, a knighting ceremony and royal parade, jugglers, and Jacques Ze Whippeur (who did amazing tricks with a whip).

We cheered on a knight during the jousting tournaments (Go, Sir Jeffrey!) and ohh’ed and ahh’ed at the “Great Cats of the World” show. Stake out seats early for both of those (15-20 mins prior to show time) as they are the most popular shows. Don’t forget to seek out the glass blower and sword maker in action too.

In addition to the entertainment there are themed rides, carnival games, and shops (all at an extra cost). Before we left the car that morning we gave our son a set budget for souvenirs, rides, games, etc.; whatever he chose to spend his $ on for the day. We also tried to stress to him that we were there for the shows and not all of the extra “stuff”, because all of that can add up very quickly!

We spent the day hopping from show to show. We chatted with boisterous villagers. We laughed and took lots of photos. The day flew by and we didn’t even get to see all the shows!

My Tips:

  • Dress the Part for Le$$. In addition to costumed performers and staff, many visitors were also dressed up for the day. Get into the spirit yourself! Grab an old Halloween costume or check out a local shop for ideas. I visited my local “Dollar Store” and lo and behold they were fully stocked in adorable time-period costumes! Stock up on some cute attire for the kiddos and keep it a secret until you arrive at the Faire. It will have that exciting “new-ness” to them and they will spend less time asking you for more expensive costume items once inside. Well, that is the hope at least :-)

    There were many girls wearing adorable flower crowns. My “Dollar Store” also had silk flowers, headbands, and ribbons. With just 5 minutes and a glue gun you can DIY an adorable head piece. I found this easy 3-step tutorial on Pinterest.

  • If you have a long journey in the morning, don’t stop for fast food on the way! Save your $$: pack drinks, bagels, yogurt tubes, granola bars, apple slices, dry cereal for the drive. You are not allowed to bring food into the Faire. So, if you have all-day snackers try to fill them up before you go inside!
  • Fare thee well; I must away! Once inside the Faire, you are not allowed to leave and return throughout they day. Don’t leave anything in the car that you will need!!
  • You cannot bring in outside food. They will check your bags at the entrance and ask you to throw things away. Avoid the headache and leave it in the car. (But don’t forget you can’t go back to the car during the day once inside the Faire!)
  • Bring an all-terrain stroller or sling/wrap/baby carrier. There are tree roots and rocks that make pushing a stroller a bit difficult at times.
  • Speaking of tree roots and rocks, wear sneakers or closed-toe shoes. Wear comfortable shoes: we logged over 3 miles for the day!
  • Bring CASH. Credit cards are accepted at some shops, but everything else (including food/drink) is cash only. There is an on-site ATM, but who likes to pay the fees?
  • Have small bills if you wish to tip the performers (they will ask at the end of each show).
  • Set a budget for souvenirs and extraneous spending. We try to tell my son he has $X before we go somewhere to try and avoid the constant begging and negotiations.
  • Spend the day focused on the strolling characters and entertainment. You will be so busy, you can distract the kids (hopefully!) from spending on all of the extras.
  • We didn’t realize that the “Mud Show” would be a bit mature for our 6 year old. Though most of it went over his head, you have been warned ;-)
  • “I be parched!” You purchase food/drink tickets in lots of 5 for $5. Each ticket is $1 each (CASH only!). Be sure to walk around and try to figure out what you want to buy before purchasing tickets, otherwise you will be stuck with extra tickets and they don’t allow refunds.
  • If you eat breakfast before going in and pack a cooler with sandwiches to eat after you leave the Faire, you are really just buying lunch and snacks. The prices were along the lines of your nearest mall food court, just keep in mind that nothing is less than 3 tickets ($3). Though, The ever-popular turkey leg will run you $11.
  • “Whither be the privies?” Privy = Restrooms ;-)

Information updated for the current year’s Faire!
Visit King Richard’s Faire on Facebook ( and on Twitter and Instagram @KRFaire.

The Faire runs weekends from 9/3 to 10/23 including Monday holidays and is open 10:30AM to 6PM. Children under 4 are free. Discounts are given to groups of 25 adults or more.

Disclosure: I received free tickets for the purpose of attending the Faire and sharing my thoughts.

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