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March 19, 2014 Blog, Fun@Home

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This is my first post in a series of “Fun@Home” activities that you can do with your kids with things you already have lying around your house! Share any ideas you might have and I will try them out with my little bean :-)

I got this activity from Mom’s Best Friend, Pinterest! :-) Click here to see the original blog post.

Baking Soda + Vinegar is always a recipe for fun. I saw this and loved the twist on this concept (and less mess too!). I filled a Pyrex baking dish with baking soda, filled small glass bowls with vinegar and food coloring. Give your child the eye dropper and voila! instant magic!

I couldn’t believe that my son was occupied by this for almost an hour and a half! An hour and a half!! Amazing, right?!


A few tips if you try this out…

baking sodaDon’t spend $ on fancy eyedroppers. Re-use them from infant acetaminophen/ibuprofen bottles!

Also don’t get those teeny, tiny Arm & Hammer boxes of baking soda. I found this GIANT 64oz. box at Market Basket. Who knew anyone would ever need to purchase baking soda in such a large amount, but you will thank me later :-)

Have you tried this at home? How did it go?

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photo credit: Amanda Agoes Photography

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