Getting the Best Deals on School Supplies

August 23, 2015 Money-Saving Tips, Shopping

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Can you believe it’s that time again already?? Back to school shopping – yikes?! Where has the time gone?

I just spent less than $20 on all of my son’s school supplies. There are some great deals right now at Staples! Crayola Markers were $0.75! 12 pencils for $0.68! Kids scissors $1!!

Here are some tips I used to save on school supplies that I thought I’d share …

Price Match

Don’t forget to price match! I hate going to multiple stores (especially with 2 kids in tow!) if I don’t have to.

I brought in the Office Max printed ad to Staples and price matched dry erase markers to get them for only $1 (instead of $4 at Staples!). You can also price match other stores, these were just the ads that had the best deals for what my son needed. It’s worth the 10 minutes to read through all the ads (even the stores you never shop at)!

Don’t get the weekly ads? Sign up to receive them at home or ask a friendly neighbor if they have them :-)

Check Out Other Stores

Sometimes it’s easier to go to one store and overpay for convenience, but if there’s a store that is close enough and they have better deals, it can be worth the hassle. I stopped into Five Below too because it is next to the Staples by me and they were having a sale on school supplies. I ended up getting a dry erase board for $2 (Staples wanted $8!) and a board eraser for $2 (instead of $5 at Staples!). Their highlighter markers were $2.50 instead of $3 at Staples, but I was there anyway so might as well save the $0.50!


No sale on what you need? Staples has a “15% off regular priced items” coupon this week, so grab these printable coupons from their website!

Target has some school supply deals using their Cartwheel app. And there is a $2 printable coupon available now for Up & Up brand supplies (click on the “home” category to find it).

Ocean State Job Lot also has some coupons you can print from their website and you can score some great deals there too!


Sometimes you can get a great deal on more items than you need. If there’s a great price on a pack of 24 pens, but you only need 12, don’t buy the 12 if they cost more! Why not just buy the 24 and split the cost with a friend? Buying in bulk can be cheaper.


Who says everything has to be brand new every year? My son had a pencil case that I bought for him last year that he never even used. And why buy new crayons when we have a million accumulated already at home (and most haven’t even been used)?? Before rushing out to buy, look around the house to see what you might already have.

Don’t Wait Too Long!

It totally stinks that the “S” word is here again in a few weeks! I have been rolling my eyes all summer at the “Back to School” ads everywhere. As much as we all are in denial and want summer to last “just a little bit longer”, don’t wait too long to get your shopping done. These deals are only around for so long and then you get stuck paying regular price – oh the horror!!

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